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Las Vegas Waxing And Stripping Floors

Whether you rent a small apartment, own your home or run a large business your hardwood, tile, marble, linoleum or cement flooring gets a lot of wear and tear from foot traffic, spills, and constant wear and tear. Regularly waxing or polishing your floors can have many benefits for your flooring. These benefits include:

  •   It helps increase the longevity of your floor by protecting it from stains and scratches.
  •   Waxing adds shine to your floors giving your floors a cleaner brighter experience.
  •   Waxing can reduce the appearance of grooves and faults, especially in wooden type flooring
  •   Waxed flooring gives your business a more professional appearance and gives customers and clients a positive first impression.

While waxing and polishing the floors of your home or business can provide several benefits for your home or business it will not last forever.

Overtime the wax on your floor becomes worn especially in high trafficked areas allowing your floors to become scratched or stained. Old wax can also yellow causing your floors to look dull and dingy. You can’t just place new wax over the old wax and hope for positive results, you first need to clean your floor and strip all the old wax before applying new wax to your floor to protect it once more.

Why Hiring a Professional Service to Wax Your Floors Makes Sense

While it is possible to strip and wax small areas yourself, trying to strip and wax larger areas without the right equipment and knowledge may not give you the professional looking results you are looking for.
Here at Las Vegas Cleaning Solution we have knowledgeable, the equipment and the dedication to wax any type or size of flooring leaving it clean and glowing. We follow these steps when waxing your home or commercial flooring:

  •   Before stripping your flooring we thoroughly vacuum your floor to remove any loose dirt and debris.
  •   We then strip off all of the old wax from your floor using products that removes the hard to remove wax without damaging your flooring.
  •   We then thoroughly rinse your flooring to insure that that your floor is clean and all the stripping product residue is removed.
  •   We then wax and buff your flooring bringing it back to it’s glossy shine and once again leaving a layer of protection over your entire floor.

Types of Waxes

There are generally two types of waxes commonly used on flooring.

  •   Liquid Wax- This wax is easy to apply and works best on linoleum, cork floors, and timber.
  •   Solid Paste Wax- A Solid paste wax is more difficult and takes longer to apply, but leaves more protection and results in a deeper more glossy shine. Solid paste waxes work well on commercial business flooring since they hold up better than liquid waxes.

If you are looking to have your home or commercial flooring professionally stripped and waxed then give us a call 1-702-788-0221 and we will be more than happy to schedule an appointment for you.


Satisfied Clients What say about us

  • I was thrilled that all the stains came out and the carpet looked brand new. I am delighted with the outcome and feel very good about having all cleaned. This is a reliable company with a professional attitude that does a job right at a very fair price.

    Rickie H. Las Vegas
  • Las Vegas Cleaning Services worked their magic on our 2 accent chairs that were linen. They warned me ahead of time that they may not be able get out a stain and the potential damage I had done by using hydrogen peroxide to remove the stain. They told me maybe 80% better but after they left the stain gradually lifted. Now 24 hrs later there is no evidence of stain/damage. Thank you guys so much!

    Young M. Las Vegas
  • Still amazing. Worked around my schedule, made my carpet in my rental home look and smell like brand new. These guys are simply the best there is which is why I continually use them. A+++

    Ryan C. Las Vegas

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